Lady Night

She sweeps her long, dark cloak

It glides gracefully across the horizon

It spreads out softly, and flowers blossom on it

Little pearls of light on an inky black


And the loveliest of them all, a  soft, almost circular disc

Glowing with a gentle, faint, whiteness

Pulsating with a pale light

Lighting up the darkness of the starry sky


She sprinkles dust all over

In every nook and corner

People find their eyelids drooping

Silence envelops the streets

Earlier alight with life

Now still, and cold, in loneliness


She caresses her cloak

Tracing patterns on its eternal surface


Why can’t I cross this barrier

What magic imprisons me here?



A gentle breeze wakes her out of her reverie

She tilts her head, with a sigh

And is soon at her heels

As Lady Light takes over with a dreamy smile

She hides behind the curtains of the world

Waiting, with a wearied impatience, for her next turn

To caress the skies of this earth,

Staring forlornly, at its motionless beauty

At life in the clutches of sleep

Through the transparent swathes of her cloak


She is alerted by a sharp sound

Light yawns, her grip wavering

And drifts slowly, serenely to the background

Night smiles to herself, lifting her cloak………..


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