Her eyes were brimming with hot tears, as she sank slowly to the floor, her heart shattered to pieces. He’d left her, left her all alone. She bit back a cry. She couldn’t control herself anymore – a droplet of sadness traced her cheek softly.

Along with each tear, a memory was resurfacing. The way he’d held her as they snuggled up together, watching movies. Dancing in the rain, watching his hair plastering to his skin, as water trailed down his chin. Passionate kissing while they were supposed to be doing their homework. She struggled to control her emotions, but in vain.

She was straining to peel away those painful splinters of time, those stupid moments that teased her, refusing to leave her memories and instead, playing them in her head, again and again.

Her fingers trembling, she seized her phone and tapped on her gallery. There he was, his idiotic yet incredibly handsome face tugging at her heartstrings. Arms around someone extremely pretty, her hair in a messy ponytail, her eyes bright with happiness.

She snapped the phone shut, her fists clenched. Absolutely heartbroken.


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