Sing before breakfast, you’ll cry before night

Her gorgeous, soulful melodies

Conceal shades no one can see

Though her face is lit by delight,

Her heart is streaked with misery


Plastering a fake smile on her face,

Has allowed her to remain alive

But the pure music that once drove her

Has vanished with the passage of time


Long ago, in the distant past,

When musical notes clouded her brain

She thought that to her future,

Only she held the reins


The natural, untouched passion she possessed

Slowly morphed into raging fire

Hunger for money, riches and fame,

Became her sole desire


Music refused to quench her thirst,

As enticing renown

Stained her, in more ways,

Than anyone could count


The music, once her life and soul

Squeezed out her very existence

The fire burned bright and blindingly

Till she realised her reluctance


The truth struck her painfully

Music, she now despised

What was she doing to herself??

Her soul desperately cried.


Confined to time’s carousel,

Her heart had journeyed astray

Lost forever in the passing time,

Flaking shattered pieces along the way


The flames now flickered uncertainly

But the past she couldn’t delete

The initial zeal of her early years

Was no longer icing her melodies


She quit the world of tunes forever

Though the occasional one still runs in her head,

She thinks of an earnest oath she made

And stifles the urge, till its dead.


Now she sits in desolate lanes,

Not a single hum escapes her lips

It’s tearing her apart inside

But she knows, it was right to quit…


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