Disparities of the Heart and Mind

Concentrate, my dear, don’t stare!

Everyone’ll realize love is in the air!

I can’t help it, brain, all I want to do is gaze

Forever, and ever, watching¬†him, in a sleepy daze…

He’s started his lame comedy again!

Strangely, I feel like chuckling, surely I can-

Don’t you laugh at his stupid joke!

Hey, he said your name, but don’t choke!

What?! Maybe he loves me, and he’s going to confess…

Oh, shut up, that won’t happen unless-

He’s calling me! My name, god, can you believe that?

Be quiet for a second, and listen, quietly, you lump of duck-fat!

Turn around casually, like you just heard him

It’s the fourth time he’s calling, look super-grim!

And answer his stupid question! Science, was it?

I was gazing at him, let me quit!

He’s asking you again! You’ll look like a fool!

Hey, stop fidgeting, try to seem cool!

Wait a minute! What did he just say?

Oh, shut up, heart, you’re a hopeless case!

Pull yourself together! Good, you’re still glaring!

Ah, I think he’s asking THAT…¬†do I know the answer?

Hey, it must be this! A triple-speed-enhancer!

Excellent! Now say it in an irritated, bold voice.

Glare straight at him – sit up! Maintain perfect poise!

Yay! He seems so happy! Brain, I’m going to explode!

Turn around, you fool, and get straight back to work.

And, oh, control yourself, you soft lump of paste

Ignore your heartbeat when you look at his thankful face


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