Thinking of you

In response to the daily prompt today: Fish

Do you remember those days? Our eyes bright with unshed tears, as we sat on the gurgling riverbank, glistening in the moonlight, whispering to each other. How our strict parents never let us do anything, or ever venture outside! Truly, the paths ahead seemed to be a series of dusty, broken roads, painted in different shades of blue; shades of frustration and sorrow.

Fishing, oh fishing! A tide of dark brown hair, tinted with a silver light, leaning sadly on a comforting shoulder, in front of a glittering belt of water… Fishing might a boring pastime for many, but I relished those times because of the hours I got to spend with you. Childhood friends we might have been, but you’d fluttered away from me, in pursuit of your education, while I toiled away at home, looking after my siblings, poor and hungry. And you were finally back home! But I sensed that distance, something that had developed with the passage of time. And I was working to erase that…

Young and free, our hearts beat with a fresh energy. Rebellion stirred inside us. You had all the big plans, I just sat and watched you, a forlorn smile tugging at the corners of my lips. I was ready to accompany you, wherever you went; trustingly… and slowly, I saw your gaze change, and your eyes fill with a tender, loving light as well. We were united, sworn to each other…

But then greed  seized control of your heart; you paid no heed to our affections. You left me hanging, hanging between uncertainty and disbelief. I remember the countless nights I spent with hot tears pricking my lashes, sometimes spilling down onto cheeks, wondering why, oh why, you had chosen to leave me.

Then I found out. The sweet allure of money had coaxed you out of our little village. Despite all  your promises, you had gone. Gone, scattered away, to some distant city! And then, carrying my little fish-basket home, all alone, my parents informed me of a more disturbing truth…

Money, money, everywhere! You were swimming in cash, yet you never seemed to have enough – and now you’d married the daughter of a rich businessman! I was left heartbroken. There could be nothing more painful. I was drowning in agony. Why hadn’t you just shot me instead?

But the clock ticked on. Life, after all, has to continue… I had to fish, fish but with an empty loneliness packing my soul. I learnt to get used to the silence and pain, and the gushing memories.

Yet sometimes, it’s too much, and as I haul a fresh catch, shining, still bathed in the river water, nostalgia trickles through me, tugging forlornly at my heart, and I’m left in tears, thinking of you…


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